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So a few months ago I found 1740 products. The first one I used was the pumpkin spice death wish oil and balm. My first impressions were obviously the scent, which was amazing. After the first couple days I found that not only did my beard have a great shine to it but it was also softer than its ever been. The oil had a great absorption rate and the balm had an excellent hold as well as it was a great conditioner for my beard. Since then I have used the patina balm(what a great scent) and the bay rum also the peppermint oil and balm. The peppermint I have the Pom Balm although I'm balm I use it on my beard and it's got a really good hold and helps tame the fly aways but it is alittle more flexible so using it on the hair on your head would be amazing also. I have also had the opportunity to use the soap and let me tell you it's the best beard soap I have ever used. I won't sit here and say that all other companies are crap because that would just not be true however what I will say I'd that 1740 is my absolute favorite product and I couldn't imagine ever using anything else. If you truly care for your beards health get you some 1740 products. Mike's customer service is like no other. He is always there for me whenever I have questions. - Brian

Best Balm Ever! If your lookin for some awesome balm for your manly beard grab some 1740 really its good stuff and owner is a rad dude. - Joshua

I have almost used my entire first tin of 1740 beard balm. Before now I didn't use any product in my beard just medium hard wax in my mustache. The beard balm works like magic it gives my beard a nice soft feel to the touch and the ability to do light styling. It smells great as well. I recently spent a week down inside the Grand Canyon where I was not bathing very much this beard balm kept me feeling good on the regular! I look forward to trying 1740's other products and I have been suggesting to my bearded friends to look into this balm!!! Way to make awesome natural balm!!! - Caleb

I've tried a lot of products and I love the flexibility of 1740 and its ease of use, a natural style for my moustache is a must and this delivers. The smell is awesome, moorish in fact and my moustache feels glorious. - Hirsute

If your lookin for some awesome balm for your manly beard grab some 1740 really its good stuff and owner is a rad dude. This product has been a savior! I use it everyday, and everyone comments on how put together my beard is. Thank you for gifting the world with this beard balm! - Brian

I use 1740 daily. It amazing minty or coffee scents along with the quality of the ingredients, keeps me wanting more. Also their quality handmade combs are of quality wood and feels great, no snags. 1740 Handmade is for real! - Cory

Beardbalm is legit. Great fragrance and great feel. The fact that it is reasonably priced is the kicker. Great product to condition and shape the beard all at a great price. Keep on keepin on brother !! #beardup. - Joe

Ok so I made a BIG mistake. I bought the 1740 bay rum beard balm about a month and a half ago, it was the first beard product I ever used. At first I thought is was more of a hassle and kinda weird, although the smell was amazing. After a couple weeks of use I really started to notice a nice shine to my beard as well as all the little stray hairs laying down, and halfway through my day I could run a brush through it and it would look amazing. I'll be ordering some more very soon, thanks! - Mitch

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