Watch This Video Or Read Like A Caveman Below



Step one – ***and this is critical*** stop shaving your beard! This is your manhood – your being – your essence.Would you shave off a lion’s mane or shave the hair off a grizzly? YOU ARE A MAN…MAN! Let it grow and let it flow!

Beards hate razors…and shaving cream…do not even go there!


Step two – find a trash bin…enough said.


Step three – pick your poison. 1740 offers two amazing scents. Our original beard balm has a hint of peppermint essential oils (not overwhelming) and our Coffee infused beard balm – simply amazing! The beard already looks better and we have not even applied the product yet!


Step four – drag your fingernail through the product….your goal is to get a fingernail’s worth of product.

That is it nice and slow…daddy likes.


Step Five – Rub the amazing product into the palm of your hand and buckle up for this amazing bearded sensation of awesomeness that you are about to embark on!


Step six – apply to your manhood (your beard) and enjoy the ride. Focus your sense of smell and try to keep the women at bay as they will want to pounce…this added side effect is at no additional charge and you are welcome.


Step seven (optional) – if you have a wizard length beard…first may I congratulate you for having the courage and honor to excel beyond many who can only dream of reaching your level of machismo. Second may I recommend to your lordship a one of a kind customized beard comb.

Perhaps one day I will have the heart…


Step eight – take your freshly primped love curls out for a walk…you deserve it.


Think you have what it takes to do a “How To” video? Post on youtube and send your link to We will pick only the best to put online and winner will receive free beard balm and t-shirts!

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